Code of Conduct Students

  •   Warning of identity card is mandatory within the college campus.
  •   Student should attend classes regularly and on time.
  •   Student should participate actively in different outreach programmes organized by the N.S.S and N.C.C in extracurricular activities and in sports.
  • Use of internet, computers, laptops, and tablets by the students within the college campus, should be strictly restricted to academic purpose only.
  •   Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited within the college campus.
  •   Student should strive hard to maintain and improve the cleanliness of the college campus.
  •   Any damage caused to college property will be considered as punishable offence.
  •   80% of the current value is to be recovered by the college library in case of any loss or damage of any book issued to a student by the college library.
  •  Presence of every student is mandatory in the induction meeting chaired by the principal or convened by the Department on commencement of an academic session.