Core Value

Barrackpore Rastraguru Surendranath College is an institution which caters education to a large number of students belonging to different cultures, language, religion and ethnic communities. The College is a Multi- disciplinary College which offers education in the field of Science, Commerce and Humanities. Apart from the traditional education, the College also pays endeavour towards growing human values and ethics among the students by encouraging them to participate in programmes related to society, environment, wild life etc.

The activities of the College are guided by a set of core values to which the College stands accountable. The core values that the College practices are-


- Respect for all stakeholders of the College

- Respect for women  

- Respect for seniors and aged people

- Respect for the Country

- Respect for self



- Excellence in the quality of imparted

- Creation of skill among the staff through regular organization of Seminars/Workshops

- Excellence in inculcating value for society, environment and Country

- Excellence in ICT Enabled Teaching and Learning



- Service to the students beyond classrooms like Counselling Classes, Remedial Classes

- Service to the students to get placement

- Service to resolve problems of the students personally



- Inculcate Cultural Integrity

- Inculcate Religious Integrity

- Inculcate Regional Integrity